Why Do I Sleep So Much?

All the things about healthiness sometimes can’t be tolerated, especially about your sleeping time. You may get a sleep disorder that makes you really hard to have a sleep especially in a night. Instead, sometimes you may ask, why do I sleep so much? When you’re getting to feel so difficult in having a sleep, you probably experience an oversleeping or scientifically called hypersomnia.

Why Do I Sleep So Much? You may Experience Hypersomnia

Do you always want to spend more time in a bed? Scientifically, having much time to sleep is called hypersomnia. About 2% of people have been experienced this symptoms. Commonly people that experience oversleeping want to spend more time on their sleeping time that may be reaching 10 to 12 hours.

This condition is affected by the exhausted feelings so people with hypersomnia may spend a long time to feel satisfied. Most of people that experience this syndrome usually feel uncomfortable on the night sleeping so they have to wake up at that time. Actually this condition will lead them to get more time to sleep and waking up late on the morning.

What does cause Oversleeping?

Sometimes people with hypersomnia will experience this syndrome when they were child. This symptom can be signed by the feeling of exhausted all the day. Bad lifestyle will also do matter of causing this problem.

Getting a bad schedule of sleep or getting lack of sleep will lead them to be oversleeping in the morning. Moreover, if you feel these things happen in your health condition, you may experience hypersomnia.

1. Lack of Sleep

When you’re getting not enough sleep, your tiredness will lead you to be oversleeping. Lack of sleep means your condition of sleep is getting lower, and it will make you sleep in later than you actually have to.

2. Negative Minds

Try to push your negative minds away if you don’t want to experience hypersomnia. Negative mind such as the feeling that compelling you to keep lay in your bed when it turns to be morning, is an excuse you will get a hypersomnia. Moreover, the cold weather that bringing a comfortable vibe will also make you become lazier and keep you lay in your bed.

3. Unscheduled Sleeping Time

The sleeping disorder called hypersomnia usually is affected by a bad habit such as unscheduled time to sleep. You may get enough time to sleep which consists of 6 to 8 hours in your sleeping time, but when it comes to be unscheduled, your body will feel a different condition and it will lead you to be oversleeping.

How to Avoid Oversleeping?

You’re getting to feel oversleeping but you actually have no idea to overcome this condition? Not to worry, here we’re going to show you some effective ways to make you have a proper time to sleep and overcome a bad habit what you feel before.

1. Plan Your Sleep Schedule

Begin with create your own sleeping schedule that will lead you to sleep and wake up every day in the same time. When you’ve been already doing a good habit such as having a bed then waking up on the same time, your body will follow this system and get into a rhythm.

2. Use Alarm Clocks

This way can be effectively overcome your sleeping problem. Try to get a scheduled time to wake up by using alarm especially in your night time sleep. It’s considered as a necessity things while people with this syndrome trying to overcome their problem at the first time.

3. Make a Good Routine

A good routine is a key for those who want to overcome their oversleeping problem. Have a high intention to wake up in the morning by starting to avoid hitting the snooze while you’ve already opened your eyes. Then try to continue by doing some exercises or stretching your muscles to make you more comfortable.

4. Push Your Gadget Away

Gadget is equipped by a blue light on its screen that can disrupt your circadian rhythm of your body, so it will bring you to the bad quality of sleep. Make sure you’ve already turned off your gadget off before you’re ready to sleep.

When you begin to wonder, why do I sleep so much? Sometimes it warns you that hypersomnia is getting to attack your healthiness. So it’s good to prevent that problem by trying those simple tips we’ve provided for you.

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