The Difference Between NYC to London

Who doesn’t know both New York City and London are the famous cities over the world. Why we have to compare the difference between NYC to London? because of the many significant things that make it prominent. Both of these cities become prime competitors, for example in the currencies field. If you have no idea where you should go, so you must check this out to know how to choose.

The Significant Difference Between NYC to London

1. NYC to London in Transportation 

The cost of transportation in New York City is easy than London, you only need to pay a flat $2.75. New York City has the MTA system that makes great mobility from place to place. It is really different from London which becomes too annoying because you should calculate the fare and transportation broken down in some zones. You have to swipe the ticket in the tool to exit from the tube.

Others difference are the interior design of transportation. In London will see the tube only have carpeted seats. But New York has a subway to hose down of plastic seats. If you uncomfortably packed in the car in many hours, the tube’s work on significantly shorter an narrower.

Both of these cities are busy every time. That is why no of them could decrease delays or construction. You could never expect who is the winner about delays or construction work in both cities. About the safety covered by pushed under the subway train. London is providing sliding glass doors at some tube stations.

Sliding glass makes won’t open until a train lane finish in a station and increase the security of transportation. It is highly different from New York has no such safety innovation. Transportation field in New York City run 24 hours a day. So, world society called that as the city that never sleeps. In London arrange the limited “night tube” in 24 hours for service

London subway has many lines could shutting down earlier, exactly in the evening. If the tube doesn’t run, you couldn’t stay in the back of the road to wait. No transportation will be operated more than the middle of the night. The ticketing in London is more simple, only by the tap card or pin plastic. That will use to open the doors subway without breaking stride.

Ticketing in New York looks like simply because of the fumble to slide from a flimsy paper card. That is how to get in the subway in NYC. This transportation field between NYC to London which we could get the conclusion about who the best. The most recommended and best all over the service in New York City. Simply, we don’t need to do math when will get the ride to subway and open 24 full hours.

2. NYC to London about Food

New York has highly promoted on bagels and cheesecake, it is quite different NYC to London because of no icon culinary. The fact has discovered that London’s restaurants have 85 stars. While New York City’s restaurants have 93 stars. New York city has many varieties and higher quality.

3. NYC to London in Culture

Historical field of London has been existing since approximately 50 centuries. Whereas New York City did not come along in 1624. Because of this fact the conclusion that shows London definitely crushes New York City. Different from the history of NYC is shorter, but NYC could have high development in a few centuries.

The famous museum in London has the British Museum, many tourists visit this amazing place. New York City has the Museum of Natural History could discover the historical journey. Still describe the culture, the accessibility on London more great to anyone. The most place that iconic and many visitors is concerts, museums, and some theaters being free.

The best culture performs between NYC to London is the last London. Because of the executions, there have many options.

The Significant Difference Between NYC to London Friendliness

The societies of both cities have no patience for hapless tourists and commit egregious errors. They like to stand on the wrong side as an escalator. Moreover to stop on the sidewalk to taking some pictures. You will find out the difference when meeting the local on the street and ask the directions. That is the same, both Londoners and New Yorkers will help you to find out the lane where your destination to go.

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