Simple Ways to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

From the physical health to the mental health, a night’s sleep affects many things inside your body. Have a good night’s sleep isn’t always about spending lots time to sleep, but it relates to the quality of your sleep. Do you feel like you’ve already had a right sleep, but you still feel uncomfortable though you’d spent more than 8 hour in your bed? It sounds like you did some mistakes with that.

Simple Steps to have a Good Night’s Sleep You’d Better Try

Sometimes, having a good time to sleep is really difficult due to the lots of factors that bring impact into your sleeping time, so check these simple tips you can apply before you’re going to bed.

1.     Check Your Room’s Light Exposure

A High light exposure brings a bad impact to your body due to body’s natural hormone, called Melatonin that will extremely decrease by it. When the room is getting dark, your body will produce more melatonin that will make a good condition to sleep. But when your room is lightened by high exposure, it will make you more uncomfortable.

2.     Synchronize Your Sleep Time

Make sure you have set up your better sleep time by recognizing your circadian rhythm, the system that can manage the time of your sleep and wake based on the condition of your natural body. When the sleeping time is run by circadian rhythm or sleep-awake cycle, you will find much energy and feel so refresh than doing a sleep time in unscheduled-time.

3.     Doing Exercise

Doing exercise is considered as an effective way to make a good sleep at night. It will make your sleepier and also improving the symptoms of insomnia. This way is also making the metabolism of the body is circulating well while the temperature of the body is also increasing. You can do any exercises in three hours before going to sleep.

4.     Have a Good Foods and Drinks

Another significant factor that leads you into a good night’s sleeping time is about anything you eat and drink. Make sure you never try to have a meal time before you’re going to bed, so it will make you create your own good habits. If you spend your morning by having a coffee or tea, do not even try to consuming caffeine excessively.

Make sure you’ve already have your meal time in the evening, eating so much foods before you’re going to bed is really disturbing your sleeping time. Furthermore, drinking a lot will also bring you to the bathroom frequently.

5.     Try to be Calm and Relax

You must avoid anything that will probably make your bedtime annoyed such as depressed, stressed, worried, or even anger. Make sure you’re going to sleep with more positive thoughts so you can have a good bedtime with no worry. Yet, you can try to manage your stress, maintaining your calm, and try to have a positive outlook.

Make sure you have peaceful sleeping time by wind down your worries and push your stresses and depression away. Make sure you always do a change to your habit and environment so you can get a great quality of your sleep.

6.     Make a Good Ambience

Try to concern on these three factors that can lead you into a peaceful night sleeping, i.e. temperature, light exposure, and noise. Make sure your bedroom is quiet enough for your bedtime, so you’ve turned off all over the machines inside your home and avoiding any disturbance coming from it.

Most of people feel comfortable with a cool temperature, so you can try to set your air conditioner as cool as you want. A quiet and dark room is also a good condition for anyone who seeks a good time to sleep. Make sure you have a good preparation before going bed by doing some of favorite activities such as watching TV, listening to the music, or anything that will wind down at night.

7.     Take a Deep Breath to Go Back to Sleep

Wake up during the night is a common problem that lots of people usually get, so you have to make your own way how to go back to sleep. Most of people usually wake briefly during their night’s bedtime because they feel so stressed that make their body to stay awake. When you’re getting to feel this problem, just try to taking a deep breath for several times.

It seems like impossible to have a good night’s sleep if you can’t control your mind and situation that can affect your quality of sleep. So you can try some of tips that we’ve already reviewed above to make your bedtime become more comfortable.

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