Many researchers have found some of factors that causing the growth of Mesothelioma inside the body, it caused by an exposure of Asbestos. It’s becoming worse while the huge number of industries begin to expand the use of this material. It may not be the only reason that causes this problem, but also there are a lot of things that bring people at risks of this type of cancer.

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a deadly type of cancer that sometimes can be growing aggressively. Mesothelioma is divided by many types based on the factors that formed this cancer. It oftentimes affects the tissue that surrounds the lungs. 

What Does Cause Mesothelioma?

Cancer commonly begins by the mutations of any cell's DNA till it multiplies out of control and the growth of an abnormal cell to be a tumor. The growth of cancers can be affected by many factors such as lifestyle, inherited conditions, health conditions, and environment. Furthermore, there are another factors that affecting the growth of cancer, include.

1. Smoking

Many reports and news have shown that people who smoke is easily at risk of getting cancers especially mesothelioma but lots of people still buying a cigarette nowadays. Whether occasional smoker or lifetime smoker, sometimes cigarette can be really addictive. Smokers will take cigarettes to boost their outlook, relieving stresses, relaxing and unwinding themselves.

2. Oversleeping or Hypersomnia

About 2% of people have been experienced this symptoms. Commonly people that experience oversleeping want to spend more time on their sleeping time that may be reaching 10 to 12 hours. This condition will lead you to get no more time to do exercises, and it can decrease your lungs function and giving more risks of mesothelioma to your body.

3. Consuming Fast Foods

Well, when we talk about fast food, it equals to something unhealthy. Some kind of fast foods menu such as burger, sandwich, or fries, consists of high number of calories, which means it will give you more risks to get cancer, especially Mesothelioma.

4. Being Depressed or Experiencing Schizophrenia

Scientifically, schizophrenia is called paranoia which considered as a brain disorder which affecting behavior, thoughts, and assumptions by altered perception of their reality. Moreover, this syndrome is considered as a big factor that leads people getting Mesothelioma. 

People with this syndrome commonly feel something strange such as hear voice which doesn’t exist, speak strangely, feel so much anxieties, or being watched anytime, and sometimes ends up with depressed or suicide.

5. Addicted to Alcohol

It’s not surprising that alcohol sometimes can be really addicted and it’s hard to push it away when it’s becoming a habit. People usually take an alcohol as an option to relax while you’re getting stressed and depressed. But, when it goes to be addicted, it can be bring you at risks of attacked by cancer, particularly Mesothelioma.

How to Prevent Mesothelioma?

1. Have a Good Sleep

From the physical health to the mental health, a night’s sleep affects many things inside your body. Have a good night’s sleep isn’t always about spending lots time to sleep, but it relates to the quality of your sleep. Moreover, having a good sleep will prevent you to get Mesothelioma.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Some facts tell that applying the right way by a healthy foods will giving a good results of  losing your weight so that will avoid your from cancer. Try to avoid carbohydrate and calories because it will releases insulin into your body which it will help and create glucose into the blood, so it will be gaining more weight to your body and make your body wants to eat more.

3. Have a Positive Minds

Try to recognize what problems inside your mind that can trigger you to feel so anxious, so you can avoid any risks that lead you to get a cancer. Try to interact with other, manage your stress level, relax your minds and body, doing exercises, and make sure you avoid the triggers that can make you become anxious which means it will lead you to get more bad feelings.

There are many factors that cause genetic mutations that bring people to Mesothelioma, but henceforward, you can prevent and avoid yourself or anyone around you from this kind of cancer. Begin with avoiding the things that may bring you at risks of Mesothelioma, and start doing the things that may prevent you from this cancer.

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