Lufthansa Business Class

Who doesn’t know Lufthansa in Europe? It is most of Europe’s airlines. The flagship airline powered by Lufthansa group. Lufthansa group has many airlines such as Brussels Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and Lufthansa Business Class. All of these airlines also offer low cost on euro currency and eurowings.

Lufthansa group airline was founded by the member of Star Alliance and provide the largest loyalty program in Europe. This airline company associated with high professionalism work and precision in all field.

Approach really reliable and guarantee a safe flight. Try to flight with Lufthansa is the one of great opportunity in this lifetime.

About Business Class of Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Business Class have many seats that provide a slope. You will feel free and enjoy to slide down to the bottom. If you choose Lufthansa airline is a great idea because of member Star Alliance.

You will have an amazing experience of enjoyable flight and passenger will serve as well, it is very different from other airlines.

Lufthansa A350 New Brand Look

The most color that identical with Lufthansa aircraft is bright yellow. But in 2018, this aircraft company has embarked to a sleeker crane logo and add new colors that fit with cabin uniforms  The new brand livery of Lufthansa A350 approach more elegant. You will see the new shade that dominates is blue color instead of bright yellow.

Secondary aircraft color is similar to copper that used on the pillows and the partitions on seats. Brand new colors shade look same with Bawah Reserve. You are able to see the color wheel on below as palette that has changed for similar color ranges from three features.

In 2018, Lufthansa airline has only six A350 aircraft and will add more 19 to be delivered to 2025. Lufthansa A350 is the Airbus design and society known as the most efficient range. The design really fast and see more minimize. It is great to deal to decrease jetlag. Because having smart features such as lighting, air control, and the lowered noise levels which make passenger really enjoy.

The Lufthansa aircraft has mood lighting settings and have the ability to take up 5min to turn on. When the aircraft start takes off, the designed able to simulate various times every day and fast adapt to the body’s rhythm. Feel like the difference both of the morning mood and nighttime lighting. For change these settings, only take under five minutes, then the light will change slowly and progressively.

If you couldn’t sit on a cold airplane with freeze temperature, so call the cabin and they will able to help you to set the temperature.  Don’t forget to wear a fluffy jacket every time when you on the flight because it will keep your body warm.

Lufthansa A350 has AC controls per row, the temperature could adapt differently base on passengers need. In this year, the new Lufthansa A350 is certified because of the ability to make passenger flight for a long time without feel jetlag.

Arrival and check-in for Lufthansa Business Class

If you reserve the business class seat so you could go through the counters only for business class. You could see there is empty and could also check-in swifts. Lufthansa airline also has an app that you could download on your smartphone.

You will feel free to buy an airplane ticket with luggage. It is the easy way to reserve the flight which gets the information and confirmation on your e-mail. Lufthansa had the program to change the get faster by used this app. Lufthansa media team always has the responsibility to make a great experience for the passenger for 24 hours.

Lufthansa has the lounge for the business class inside every airport. You will get free dining section or discount for lots of foods and beverages. This lounge looks larger with a sofa area that make you relax to enjoy the work or read. You could find out the cubicles that will make you  work done

Business Class Cabin and Seat 

Lufthansa discovers the map which has seat number. In Business Class, you could see every cabin is reversing herringbone with configuration 2-2-2, close to the direct aisle. It gives access for passengers lane.

The business class cabin has two sections. First is a larger one located in front of six rows. Second, the additional rows, between the galley and premium economy room.

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