JFK to London by Virgin Upper Business Class Boeing 787

It’s a great idea back from JFK to London by used Virgin Upper Business Class Boeing 787. These aircraft was known as Dreamliner showcases which is the latest Virgin Upper Class. Don’t be afraid of booking the ticket from these airlines, because you will enjoy your flight experience like home. Especially the design of all aboard has flat beds inside and you could find a cocktail bar in the sky.

The Lounges

If you in the travel from JFK to London, you will feel comfortable inside Virgin Boeing 787 Business Class. They are providing the bonus in arrivals, the amazing lounge in London Heathrow. The lounge feels like premium facilities and elegant atmosphere. You will find out the JFK Clubhouse there, with excellent service as US standards.

You will find the review about JFK Clubhouse which will give you details of this place and become the recommendation. This lounge is the most standout design and overall inside if you compare with other European carriers. They also give the spot for breakfast before returning home. It gives the possibility to have to breakfast in the sky.

The Cabin

Virgin Upper Class that has a flight from JFK to London operates a 1x1x1 herringbone configuration. They also provide 11 rows of business class. So, the total seat is 31. You could see the cabin decoration really inspired by Virgin style. The theme colors discover the Virgin brand. Same like the mood lighting, very nice touch with larger windows. It makes the cabin looks brighter and spacious.

An Onboard Bar

Who doesn’t want to be inside Upper-Class bar? It’s worthy and approaches lovely in treat passenger.  You will enjoy the flight because of a separate space to sit. You don’t need to feel bad in the middle of the crowd and your space will transform like the greatest area to have some chats. Don’t hesitate to ask delicious beverages in your flight.

Foods and Beverages

In the long flight, you need a supply for your health like food and beverage. So, find out at onboard food is a great deal and you don’t have to make more effort to wait for the cabin crew. This Virgin Airline has gotten the best achievement to make up the lounge and make the room does not feel lackluster. There are many foods and beverages menu in the list that you could see lackluster

The Dinner and Breakfast Menu Starter

This airline will give the best service and exactly delicious menu. You will find some healthy food like the tomato with mozzarella salad inside the warm loaves of bread The main menu for dinners such as grilled beef fillet with garlic potatoes with add fresh vegetables or grilled salmon with cherry tomato and sugar snap.

You could choose that or korma with naan bread and warm rice.If you want dessert, they have chocolate cake raspberry coulis, cheesecake. You are able to add cheddar, goat’s cheese, and camembert.

If you are being in more than 8 hours of flight from JFK to London by Virgin Aircraft, so you will get breakfast in the sky. They serve your breakfast about 90 minutes before the plane landing. Generally, cabin crew will bring cereals and fruits, and clearly a full English.

Beverages Menu

In the arrival, they will serve a glass of champagne by Gardet Brut Premier Cru to the passenger alongside some vegetable with potato chips. You will get beverage service in the evening flight. They have the list of good beverages such as champagne from Gardet Brut Premier Cru.

Also has white wines, for example, St Veran, Constantia Glen Sauvignon Blan, and Wakefield Riesling Clare Valley. Other interesting such as red wines, cocktails, and mocktails. If you can not drink all of that, you have to ask soft drink, coffee, or tea that are available every time.

The Seat


The greatest thing inside Virgin Boeing 787 Upper Business Class is the extraordinary soft and flat The seat. It will make you enjoy the flight journey and feel comfortable, obviously spacious to spend more than seven hours long flight. Inside the seat area add an ottoman and in the back of seat add tv and seat storage.

At the sleep time, you will serve by the flatbed and deliver to Dreamliner offering. The seat able to flips over and down into the ottoman, so the flatbed becomes perfect zone. A pillow, mattress topper, comforter, and pajamas are provided in the sleeping pack.

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